welcome to the CRISPR.kitchen

We are imagining the future of genome editing. Check out our scenarios for inspiration , look up the cookbook to learn crispr recipes, evaluations and recommendations on genome editing ideas

Upcoming CRISPR.kitchen events

  1. Biofabbing conference 13/14 May 2017, Makerspace CERN Link
  2. CRISPR.kitchen tableau, Fablab Berlin 7th July 2017

Genome Hacking Retreat 12 – 17 March 2017

In the retreat (Klausurwoche 13-17th march 2017) we, KIT-ITAS, were looking for non-obvious applications of genome editing technology, with a strong focus on CRISPR methods. Due to the unsurpassed speed with which the foundational research discovery of the bacterial innate immunity mechanisms transformed into a technology, technology assessment has to turn into science assessment. Inspired by Paul Feyerabends science epistemiology, we invited experts from outside the academic field to allow for new perspectives. During the retreat week we were creating conditions for the participants to develop scenarios on genome editing in a transdisciplinary team effort. After hearing highly qualitative lectures by experts in bioethics, CRISPR bioinformatics, GMO regulation and patenting participants developed four novel scenarios and gave final presentations to a small audience at the Technical University Munich campus. What we came up with is “FICTION IN SCIENCE”. Check the other pages to get inspired by our thought experiments, technical and scientific background information and legal and ethical considerations.